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Directing expertise and its cost at the same time is an essential component to our clients bottom line. FHA understands the importance of vendor contribution to our process. However, FHA recognizes that lack of vendor CONTROL mitigates their contribution through higher expense. As such FHA has developed and maintained partnerships within its vendor network so that we can balance the required services with their expense.

Our clients demand accountability. In turn, we demand an even higher standard from any vendor in our network. Our defense firms have long-standing relationships with FHA and expect no less. FHA also maintains a national presence and volume of business that has allowed flat rate auto and property appraisals as well as various police report and hospital verification services on a nationwide basis. We have also successfully partnered with medical review specialists and engineers, economists, and investigators to bring expertise while controlling costs.

Through years of experience FHA has developed a reliable network that can deploy a field adjuster anywhere in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to handle any emergency.

FHA's vendor network balances outcome and expense with our clients bottom line in mind.


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